Mohamad Al Solh

Solution Architect | Maestro Blocks

📢 Introducing Our Keynote Speaker and Panelist: Mohamad Al Solh 🌐

We are excited to announce that @Mohamad Al Solh, a Solution Architect representing @Maestro Blocks Low Code and BPM Platform, will be delivering a keynote speech at our upcoming event! Mohamad will be sharing his insights on how the public sector can harness the power of Maestro Blocks to accelerate digital transformation, provide efficient e-services, maintain governance, and stay up to date with the latest technologies. he will also be joining our panel of experts after the keynote speech.

About Mohamad Al Solh:

Mohamad is an experienced professional with over 15 years in the software industry, holding an M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the @American University of Sharjah. As a Solution Architect at Maestro Blocks, he is passionate about Low Code, BPM, Cloud, IoT, and Open-Source technologies. In his previous role, Mohamad has led multiple CRM and BPM projects, utilizing agile methodologies and DevOps tools to deliver projects with optimum quality and speed.

As part of @Maestro Blocks Team, Mohamad is committed to empowering both citizen and professional developers to create their applications faster, fostering innovation in the public sector and enabling more efficient processes.

Don't miss the opportunity to get insights about digital transformation and Low Code technologies! Be sure to join us for this insightful keynote speech and panel discussion.

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