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Low code No code


ClearTax is the largest E-invoicing solution provider globally and we are trusted by over 4,000 brands. We are also a ZATCA compliant E-invoicing solutions provider & we have integrated 250+ large KSA enterprises for ZATCA Phase II.

In Saudi Arabia, we started with the launch of ZATCA Phase I compliant E-invoicing products for all VAT registered businesses and we are serving more than 100 companies already. Our customers come from all industries - retail, manufacturing, services etc. We serve both local KSA companies as well as multinational companies with KSA presence. In general, our customers are mid to large sized companies that are open to adopt technology. We’ve been working closely with ZATCA and our E-invoicing solution is approved by the authority. Post success of E-invoicing Phase I, we are now one of the few companies in the country that has a Phase II compliant solution ready. Our cloud infrastructure is hosted inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is compliant with all the data security requirements.

  • We have a team of over 250+ integration experts who have performed 2,000+ integrations for large global brands. 
    • No matter what ERP/POS you use, we will integrate with it. We provide integrations for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, Avion, among many more custom built ERP/POS platforms. 
  • We provide cloud based & hybrid solutions to support B2B + B2C E-invoicing

Master Team

Established in 2018 with headquarters in Riyadh, KSA Master Team delivers exceptional in-house products and solutions in the areas of project and strategy management. Additionally, we offer innovative Low code and No code solutions that allow businesses to develop customized software solutions quickly and cost-effectively. 

We take pride in our intellectual property, which reflects a 100% portfolio of Saudi products. Our offerings, including P+ and S+, have been utilized by more than 40 government clients, demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services across multiple technology fields.

Advanced Technologies for Information Technology

Atit helps companies work smarter.

Atit is your local Pega Partner in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. It provides end-to-end services, understanding really what the client challenges are, where do they want to go, up to our very deep expertise in delivering Pega Solution leaning on our exceptional skilled Team.

Our purpose is to help governments and big companies in Saudi market (and GCC) to work smarter and automate processes by building awesome software. We use Pega Platform and other Pega products to provide smart process automation.

Dnod | Nintex

Dnod is a leading saudi company providing top of the notch data analytics and process automation solutions at scale to businesses with the local Saudi flavor to help them become data-driven and empowered to make informed, timely and accurate decisions based on data and accelerate their digital transformation journey by combining worl class cutting-edge technologies with Dnod ‘s best-in-class services.


Xebia is an IT Consultancy and Software Development Company that has been creating digital leaders across the globe since 2001. With offices on every continent, we help the top 250 companies worldwide embrace innovation, adopt the latest technologies, and implement the most successful business models. To meet every digital demand, Xebia is organized into chapters. These are teams with tremendous knowledge and experience in Agile, DevOps, Data & AI, Cloud, Software Development, Security, Quality Assurance, Low Code, and Microsoft Solutions. In addition to high-quality consulting and state-of-the-art software, Xebia Academy offers the training that modern companies need to work better, smarter, and faster. Xebia has a global presence with offices in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland Nordics, UK, Middle-East, South Africa, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.

Zamil | Ser

SER is a leader and pioneer of the enterprise content management (ECM) and content services market. SER’s AI-powered Doxis Intelligent Content Automation platform and its solution suites for business-critical processes automate content understanding across enterprise ecosystems. Acclaimed by market analysts, SER’s cutting-edge solutions make daily work easier for more than five million users. With over 35 years of experience, SER’s dedicated team works from 22 locations around the globe. 

  • About Zamil International Information Services

ZAMIL International Information Services is proud to be your trusted partner in delivering world-class Digital Transformation solutions and services to corporate houses throughout the Middle East. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of cutting-edge technologies, including ICA, BPM, PM, and RPA, to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. At Zamil Information Services, we offer comprehensive solutions for deploying and implementing enterprise digital transformation solutions, customized to your specific requirements. With a focus on investment in advanced methodologies, best practices, and partnerships with industry leaders, we continuously enhance our core competencies and facilities to remain the 'Best of Breed'. Let us help you transform your organization with our superior Digital Transformation solutions and services.


NTG Clarity has over 30 years of experience in delivering OSS/BSS solutions, Financial Solutions, digital enablement solutions, outsourcing/offshoring, data cleansing/migration and integration services. We have extensive expertise in the preparation of technical and commercial specifications related to the issuance of RFPs, evaluation of responses, and the review and implementation of efficient business processes and audits. NTG’s seasoned experts can help companies review competitive offers and recommend the appropriate selections based on the TCO of the proposed solutions. NTG offers these value-added services to our customers who are located in North America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. With offices and operations in Toronto, Cairo, Riyadh, Kuwait, Turkey and Oman, our professional team of more than 600 consultant and experts provides state-of-the-art software solutions.

Destiny Cloud

At Destinycloud we are focused on DELIVERING TAILORED LOW-CODE solutions that exceed the expectations of the users of our customers!


Software is built TO BE ADOPTED and to help users perform their job flawlessly. With our agile mindset and our HIGH ENERGY STAFF we target to get an MVP working ASAP. 


Our tailored development approach and our delivery methodology kit makes the difference when it comes to the OUTPUT of our deliverables.

That's why after years of applying agile methodologies into our projects, we started to share the delivery methodology in an AGILE MENTORING PROGRAM. This program is designed to help your IT department to REDUCE their COST OF DELAY and reach to the market sooner INCREASING USER ADOPTION.

After the engagement with customers team we operate globally on a remote model with daily touch points to ensure progress.

GO Agile Cloud

At GoAgileCloud, we recognize that cloud technology is the future, but we also understand that not every company has the expertise to integrate it into their operations. This is where our company comes in to assist.


We specialize in providing tailored cloud technology solutions that include designing, deploying, migrating, and managing secure cloud infrastructure to meet your unique needs. We view our clients as partners rather than customers, and our mission is to help them achieve their goals through affordable and customized cloud technology solutions.


Our focus is on providing small- to mid-to-large sized firms with the cloud solutions they require to thrive, regardless of their limited resources. We are committed to delivering top-notch customer service and best-of-breed technology to help our clients succeed.


When you work with us, you are not just another customer; you are part of our family, and we genuinely care about your success. We have invested heavily in training our experts to provide world-class customer service in addition to honing our technology services. Our team is ready to help you achieve your objectives.


ServiceNow makes work better across the enterprise. Getting simple stuff done at work can be easy, and getting complex multi step tasks completed can be painless. Our applications automate, predict, digitize and optimize business processes and tasks, across IT, customer service, and HR service workflows, creating a better experience for your employees and customers while transforming your enterprise. ServiceNow (NYSE:NOW) is how work gets done. For more information, visit  www.servicenow.com


FPT Software is part of FPT Corporation, a technology, and IT services provider, headquartered in Vietnam with US$1.87 billion in revenue and more than 25,000 employees. Founded in 1999, the company has expanded its network to 27 countries and territories, with 64 global offices and 30 development centers. As a pioneer in digital transformation, FPT Software delivers world-class services in Smart factory, Digital platforms, RPA, AI, IoT, Cloud, AR/VR, BPO, and more with strict compliance to global standards. Recently, it became the first Vietnamese company and the 18th company worldwide to achieve TMMi level 5 certification.



KPMG Professional Services is a member firm of the global network of KPMG International, globally employing 265,000 people in member firms in 144 countries. KPMG operates through its firms in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine under one organization, with 2500 professionals across the various offices. KPMG is a leading provider of Audit, Tax and Advisory services and trusted advisor to a range of organizations in the public and private domain. In 2020, KPMG opened its first Insights Center in the Arab world in its Riyadh headquarters, becoming part of a global network linked with the Digital Lighthouse, the Centre of Excellence for Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies.

Maestro Blocks

Maestro Blocks is a Low Code to No Code Platform with advanced Business Process Management capabilities that offers a range of features for building simple and complex applications for different devices and form factors, and catering for business process management needs that are suitable for organizations of any size looking to take their business to the next level. It allows professional developers and non-experienced individuals to create web and mobile applications without coding by using user-friendly graphical interfaces to drag and drop application components and connect them. For more complex applications, it offers extensibility with custom and reusable components that can be built using our SDK, this platform opens up the development process without limitations while maintaining governance across the software development life cycle, which allows apps modernization and digital transformation scenarios with newer technology to enable faster connectivity and replace outdated processes and legacy applications, Maestro Blocks also facilitates quicker development of mobile apps with native experience and better device hardware access and integration, it provides you the capability to publish your own android or iOS applications with your branding on different application stores through cross-platform deployment techniques.


Maestro Blocks also provides a low code function builder, a data model designer, a process designer, and ready-made application templates that can be customized through drag-and-drop experience within our developer studio to tailor software, applications, and process planning to fit the needs of businesses. Maestro Blocks offers application packaging tools to deploy your applications to different environments such as development, testing, and production , it supports on-cloud or on-premises hosting, and other features and services to accelerate the digital transformation journey, increase productivity and efficiency, and focus on requirements without dealing with technical problems or infrastructure issues.


GeneXus is the Enterprise Low-Code Software Development Platform that provides the eternal youth for code by leveraging the power of AI to automate and simplify the creation, evolution and maintenance of software solutions, in any given environment. By improving time to market and simplifying development tasks, it enables companies to innovate and meet their business needs faster.


At Odoo, we believe that amazing employees deserve amazing software. That’s why we created a full suite of business modules offering an app for every business need. Our business apps include CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory management, project management, warehouse management, financial management, manufacturing and purchasing, and so much more. 


Odoo is user-friendly, flexible, and easy to handle. We think business software should cover complex needs without being complicated. Our mission is to provide intuitive, full-featured, and tightly integrated software while running smoothly for every business. With 2000+ employees, 3500+ partners, and more than 8 million users, Odoo fits both small and large companies. Our mission is to provide a range of easy-to-use business applications that form a complete suite of tools to accompany any business need. 


The flexibility of Odoo is such that apps can be added according to the growth of the company, adding one app at a time as the needs evolve and the customer base grows. The cloud-based Online Edition of Odoo ERP offers a customized solution specifically designed to solve SME needs. Fluidity and full integration cover the needs of even the most complex companies. The software is available online at www.odoo.com

Digination | Outsystems

OutSystems is a global leader in high-performance application development. We partner with visionaries to turn their big ideas into software that moves business, people and the world forward. The OutSystems high-performance low-code platform gives technology leaders and developers the tools they need to rapidly build, deploy and manage their own business-critical applications. The company’s network spans more than 600,000 community members, 400+ partners, and active customers in 87 countries across 22 industries. OutSystems is “The #1 Low-Code Platform®” and a recognized leader by analysts, IT executives, business leaders, and developers around the world.


DigiNation is a leading digital transformation solution provider in the MEA region that aims to bridge technology gaps in business- driven world. Providing technology solutions in: ECM, BI, RPA, Low-Code, Digital Experience, OMNI Channel, and Information Management.



As a provider of end-to-end IT services, Novigo Solutions offers consulting in analytics and digitization using state-of-the-art lowcode and data engineering tools. 


Our enormous skill in resolving fundamental problems in process automation, legacy modernization, cloud migration, marketing collaboration, and in demystifying business challenges in productivity and efficiency. Our distinctive business structure enables us to provide exceptional quality and a wide range of capabilities along with the personalized attention your company requires and deserves, all with a single focus: your success!

Masterworks | Creatio

Creatio is a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom. Millions of workflows are launched on our platform daily in 100 countries by thousands of clients. Genuine care for our clients and partners is a defining part of Creatio DNA. 

Creatio offerings include a no-code platform (Studio Creatio), CRM applications (marketing, sales and service), industry workflows for 20 verticals and marketplace add-ons. Creatio is recognized as a Leader and Strong Performer in multiple Gartner and Forrester reports. Creatio products receive raving end-user reviews on peer-to-peer portals.  

Our customers enjoy the freedom to own their automation. Freedom is provided through unlimited customization, the ability to build apps without a line of code and a universe of  ready-to-use templates and connectors.

Creatio is headquartered in Boston, MA.  We have 700 employees in six offices and  a local presence in 14 countries. Creatio has   long-lasting relationships with thousands    of customers and partners with 700 GSIs and local integrators worldwide.


Kissflow provides a unified work platform for enterprises to fast-track digital transformation. The work platform brings together the entire spectrum of work management into a unified experience for enterprise- wide users by embracing the low-code/no-code paradigm.

Hundreds of global and Fortune 500 brands such as Airbus, Pepsi, McDermott, Comcast, and Danone rely on Kissflow to simplify their work.

Kissflow has been featured and recognized as an industry leader by Gartner, Forrester, and G2. Founded in 2004, Kissflow has a globally distributed workforce.


 Zoho Creator is a 'low-code' platform to build, test, deploy, and maintain applications. It enables users to create custom business solutions 10 times faster than traditional methods. It lets businesses concentrate on automating their business process without worrying about IT-related challenges like maintenance, hosting, and scalability. With Zoho Creator, you can collect data, automate business processes or workflows, analyze data in reports, collaborate with other users, and even integrate with other external applications.Currently 14,000+ customers across 180+ countries are using 7M applications built using Zoho Creator, a testimony to the power of the platform. For more information go to https://www.zoho.com/creator.


Quixy is a leading no-code, low-code platform that business users in any industry or department use to automate business processes & workflows and build simple to complex enterprise-grade applications up to 10X faster than the traditional approach. 

Quixy serves customers across 15+ industry verticals, including governments across 5 continents. These are customers of different sizes, from medium to large enterprises & government organizations. Customers have utilized the platform to build a wide range of applications, like a container-freight-station (CFS) management system, asset and material management, manufacturing plant planning and scheduling, gate operations, procurement and logistics management, an end-to-end ERP system and a naval base admin processes. 

We differentiate from our competition by being an ADVANCED no-code, low-code platform that covers all the critical aspects such as front end, database, workflow, business logic, reporting, deployment, and maintenance of software building vs. a RESTRICTIVE no-code platform.

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